So Naughty Nude

So Naughty Nude
Devoted Creations

Devoted Creations

Daca vorbim despre acceleratoare de bronzare, atunci vorbim despre Devoted Creations.

Fragrance: Pink Sugar

Dead Sea Minerals - Repair Skin Damage, improve tone & texture, increase elasticity and reverse the signs of aging.
Renovage™ - Firms, hydrates and plumps the skin.
IdealLift™ - Fights against skin sagging and improves skin elasticity
Body Fit™ - Reduces the appearance of cellulite and promotes firmness
SunXTend™ - Helps prevent color fading and prolongs the life of your tan

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Crema de bronzare iesita din oferta!

Committing to your tan goes beyond your tanning session. Have full commitment with this tan extending moisturizer that bathes you in silky silicone for skin so soft and touchable you will be the envy of all. Diamond dust hides tiny imperfections and highlights your most desirable features. The Dead Sea Mineral Complex is combined with exotic skin care ingredients that will work wonders on the skin - erasing the signs of aging, repairing damage, improving elasticity, reducing the appearance of cellulite and delivering a youthful glow.

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