Ed Hardy Jet Setter

Ed Hardy Jet SetterEd Hardy Jet Setter
Ed Hardy Tanning Lotions

Ed Hardy Tanning Lotions

Acest produs face parte dintre cele trei colectii de lotiuni si creme, prezentate cu superbul concept grafic marca Ed Hardy, perfecte pentru inainte si dupa bronzare.

Parfum: Warm Vanilla Sugar

Actiune: Tan Enhancer, Bronzer, Skin Firming

Disponibil in:
10 US fl. oz. (300 mL)
.7 US fl. oz. (20 mL)

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Super Antioxidants coupled with the strongest DHA bronzers delivers every tanner an extreme color boost in every session. The aromatic warm vanilla sugar fragrance is sure to heighten the tanning experience while the specially designed lotion delivers the deepest and darkest tan.

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