Spray bronzare Ed Hardy Mermaid

Spray bronzare Ed Hardy Mermaid
Ed Hardy Tanning Lotions

Ed Hardy Tanning Lotions

Acest produs face parte dintre cele trei colectii de lotiuni si creme, prezentate cu superbul concept grafic marca Ed Hardy, perfecte pentru inainte si dupa bronzare.

Parfum: Island Colada

Actiune: Spray autobronzare

Disponibil in: 5 US fl. oz. (150 mL)

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Whether you are looking for an all over sunless tan or just a touch up in between sessions, Ed Hardy's Mermaid can help you achieve that long lasting tan with ease. With the continuous 360 spray application, you can have a streak free tan within minutes, leaving your skin flawless and smelling irresistible!

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